My embroidery machines have 15 needles so I can have 15 thread colors on at any one time. Please do not request so many colors that I'd have to stop my production to rethread the machines. I won't be able to do that request. I feel that 15 colors for a design is more than enough.
We will do your order over at no cost to you if we have made an error. If you prefer, we will refund you in full (product and shipping). You have 30 days to notify us of the error to receive either a refund or replacment.
I know that the majority of people are honest but I have been stung by the scammers. I will replace the order free of charge for my errors but if a customer wants the shirt replaced in a different color, size, design I will do it for the full price but never for free. I am just a one woman business here, not a Walmart.

If the error was on the customer's part, we will do a new order for you but the cost for the product and shipping will be paid for by the customer.

Errors on the customer's part include the following:
  1.  Not giving the order of the names in which they should be placed on shirts. (There is an area for you to put this information-"Special Instructions" area).This only applies if you have a request to do so. Otherwise we will place the names in an order that looks pleasing to the eye.
  2. Wanting particular colors of thread but not putting that request on the order form.
  3. Misspelled names or incorrect titles for the shirts.
  4. Ordering the incorrect color or size of a garment. You can email me and see if I haven't done the order yet and I'll be able to change those options.
Due to the nature of our products being personalized and special for you, we cannot accept returns or refunds unless we've made an error. Thank you for understanding.